Welcome to the homepage of the student accommodation Hans-Freudenberg-Kolleg (HFK) in Karlsruhe!

The HFK, together with the Hadiko, the Insterburg and the Kolleg am Ring, is overseen by the Studentenwohnheim des Karlsruher Instituts für Technologie (KIT) e.V.. In contrast to most other student accommodations, these houses are self governed.

What does self governed mean?

The Wohnheim e.V. does only care about the building itself and its upkeep.

We shape and organize the life within the HFK ourselves. Due to this, we have large freedoms. In particular, we choose future inhabitants by ourselves.

Two inhabitants are elected home director at our annual Haus-Voll-Versammlung (HVV, assembly of all inhabitants). These two handle communication with the Wohnheim e.V., organize interviews and festivals.

For important and reoccurring tasks or shared interests, we have organized Tutorials and Teams. Klick the link and discover, where you would like to participate!

Birds eye view of our building The building at night with ilumination