In front of the HFK

Pizza oven & BBQ

Two BBQ builders on the chimneys

For our hard-working barbecue builders, 2014 was a successful year. After many months of hard or sometimes not so hard work, sweat and a few rounds of beer, a monster of a barbecue including a pizza oven was created, which has already played its way into the hearts and stomachs of our residents after its first use. Finally, we can enjoy grilling and baking pizza, as long as you put up with the three hours of waiting time that the pizza oven needs to heat up. But the taste is unique ;)

Swimming Pool

Five people studying in the pool

To escape the hot Karlsruhe sun in summer, we have afforded ourselves a swimming pool. Malicious tongues would call our “pool” a paddling pool, but in summertime it is the place to be! The pool serves as a source of inspiration - whether learning in the pool, swimming in the pool, eating and drinking in the pool: the fun and cooling down are guaranteed!

Bike Cellar

Bikes in out bike cellar

The often cash-strapped, environmentally conscious student naturally loves to ride his bike to university. But when it’s raining, cold and windy, you want to offer your “faithful companion” a safe home. Our bicycle cellar, which can be accessed from the outside via a ramp and currently provides shelter for over 100 bikes, ensures this. - We say thank you :P