Network Team

We, the network team, run the network infrastructure of the house. This includes some internal servers, the internet supply itself, LAN parties that take place from time to time and irregular (tinkering) projects.

The HFK gets a gigabit internet connection sent over two wireless bridges directly from the KIT campus. The network team is there to maintain this connection and make it available to the 100 residents via cable or wireless. In addition to hands-on practice with lots of network technology, the Tutorial also offers a playground for innovative and digital solutions to everyday problems, such as reserving our washing machines conveniently from your mobile phone.



After moving in, we will support you with setting up the internet connection for your devices, whether via WLAN or Ethernet. If you need Ethernet cables, we have some in stock.

We operate two network printers, which you can use to put your documents on paper, and with our 3D printer you can make virtual objects tangible.